After they escaped the Shadow World, they are back in Oak Valley and they introduced to Josh's Gang the rest of Oak Valley. They entered to the Treasure Room and prepared for fight. They go outside and saw people panicking when they saw Herobrine and Entity 303. The gang and the people go to "Far Lands" to make shelter. Then they go into Ivor's secret lab. They get the potions and go into the swamp. They saw a cake from the witch's hut, noticed by a zombie villager, Nikki throw a potion of weakness while Josh got the cake and they are going to Oak Valley again.

Before they head in Oak Valley, they meet Lukas and F! Jesse, they joined their adventures and head in Oak Valley. When they arrived, they saw Entity 303 building a Wither Storm. Before Entity 303 put the final wither skull, the gang arrived and they fighted Entity 303. Nikki turns into a dragon and they win aganist them. They find that the escape has a bigger plans to defeat them. Several minutes later, they saw three Wither Storms heading to Oak Valley. They planned how to defeat the Wither Storms.

Minutes later, they noticed three Wither Storms heading to Oak Valley. They planned how to defeat the Wither Storms. Jesse think that they will use a TNT minecart to enter the Wither Storm, Bob added that they will need many endermen to remove blocks from the Wither Storm, Lukas think that they need the fireworks dispenser to distract them. When they go out, they noticed Herobrine wearing Tim's armor. Josh and his gang build the TNT minecart, while Lukas and F! Jesse go to the End to distract the Endermen and go out to their world. Jesse, Petra and Josh will enter the three Wither Storms while the rest of their gang will fight Entity 303 and Herobrine and it started the battle in Oak Valley.

After they planned to defeat Entity 303 and Herobrine, they are ready to start the battle. Jesse, Petra, and Josh entered each Wither Storms and they are now finding the command blocks. Meanwhile, Lukas, F! Jesse and Bob and the rest of the gang will fight Entity 303 and Herobrine. They successfully break the command blocks in the Wither Storms and they defeated them. After that, they joined their gangs and then they defeated Entity 303 and Herobrine, they escaped and go back in the Shadow World after they defeated. While they're happy about the defeat of Entity 303 and Herobrine, Bob said that it isn't over. Later, they teleported by the black smoke and they disappeared. They noticed that they are back in the Shadow World.

After they defeat Herobine and Entity 303 in Oak Valley, they got back from Shadow World. The gang noticed that they are in the Skeleton King's Castle, where they leave Shadow World and got in Oak Valley. They noticed something different few steps away from the middle of the castle. They noticed in an armor stand with broken Tim's Armor. Jesse got angry at Herobrine. After they noticed it, They also surrounded by Zombies. They defeated them and they leaved the castle, and they saw two people walking near them.

After they defeated the zombies, they saw two people walking near them. It was Axel and Olivia. Jesse and his gang was happy to see them both. Axel explained the whole story and he said that he saw an evil mob with red eyes. After Axel and Olivia arrived, the Scientist Villager and Will arrived. They explained all happened in the Nether. The rest of the villagers, and the King Villager make Skeleton King's Castle their shelter. After that, the Scientist Villager leaves the gang and get inside the castle. After that, they are willing to uncover the secrets of Herobrine and Entity 303.

While they walking to the forest where they enterd earlier, they entered it again and they saw a sign that it reads that "The only way to defeat Herobrine is...", they puzzled about that. Then, they saw a broken portal, there was another sign, it says that "The Portal to...", they puzzled again and they saw a 4 bone blocks and collected some more and they constructed the portal, they ignited it and saw the secrets of Herobrine. After they entered it, they saw zombie pigmen and Entity 303's mobs and another sign that they saw says "You cannot enter the mansion unless you saw the un...". They go underground and they passed from the evil mobs and they make a way out. They puzzled about the notes that the sign says. They entered the mansion to uncover the dark secrets of Herobrine.

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