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I will make Herobrine's Wrath useful.

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Herobrine's Wrath is the second episode in Minecraft Story Mode: When Stories Collide. It also the second episode in Collision Course Pass.


For the full plot, click here.

After they escaped the Shadow World, they are back in Oak Valley and they introduced to Josh's Gang the rest of Oak Valley. They entered to the Treasure Room and prepared for fight. They go outside and saw people panicking when they saw Herobrine and Entity 303. The gang and the people go to "Far Lands" to make shelter...



  • Chapter 1: We're back!
  • Chapter 2: Dragon's Fight
  • Chapter 3: The Shadows' Revenge
  • Chapter 4: Battle in Oak Valley
  • Chapter 5: Back in Shadow World
  • Chapter 6: New Teammates
  • Chapter 7: Another Portal?!


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