"People are selfish, they only think about themselves... I had never trusted anyone since that day."
—Grace to Kyle, explaining why she doesn't trust people anymore. 

Grace is the deuteragonist in The Amulet. She is a mercenary who works for people in exchange for a price.


Grace is 21 and appears to be a female caucasian. She has light brown shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.

She wears a brown and purple jacket with short sleeves and a white shirt under it, grey shorts and brown combat boots. She also wears a purple bandana around her head and brown fingerless gloves on both hands.


Grace displays the warrior-like and the tough girl personality. She shows great fighting skills in battles and is shown not to be messed with.

As a child, Grace started out as a sweet, kind, cheerful and playful girl. However, she and her parents were captured by bandits in exchange for a ransom to the family's friends. But the ransom was never paid and it led to Grace's parents getting killed by the bandits, leaving a traumatized and saddened Grace alone. After she escaped, she found out that her parents' friends had refused to pay the ransom. This caused Grace to become distrustful of people, choosing to survive on her own.

In addition of choosing to never trust anybody again, Grace developed a cold and aggressive behavior toward anyone she encounters. She decided to live as a mercenary and trained herself to be a skilled fighter. Grace has no qualm in threatening or attacking people who wrong her in some way, and is seen to become quite angered when someone mentions her parents. Grace also has an ability of giving an intimidating death glare to anyone who do her wrong as a warning.

However, after meeting Kyle during a mission to get the amulet back to Ghorton and being saved from a near-death experience by him, Grace began to open up to Kyle and realized that not everyone is as selfish as her parents' former friends were. She seemed to have retrieved a bit of her initial soft, cheerful and playful personality but still keeps a cold and tough behavior toward anyone who pose a threat to her or her friends.


To Be Added...


  • Grace's appearance and personality were inspired from Petra.

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