Friendship Never Parts is the second episode of the MC:SM Rewritten Side Stories series.


The Main Four, Jesse, Petra, Nikki, and Radar are informed of a new temple in the distant land Mojanghai on a vacation trip to Village Country. Legend says that this temple has a secret shrine that can bring a lost one back to life. Realizing this is a chance to bring back those they lost, the four collect the New Order and set off for Mojanghai. Things get tense when they find out the guide to the temple is Soren the Architect, who abandoned them back in the days of the Wither Storm. Nonetheless, he takes them to the temple as the Orders learn to forgive...but never to forget.


  • Chapter 1: T.A.B. (TBA)
  • Chapter 2: And So, The Conflict Begins (TBA)
  • Chapter 3: Another Chance (TBA)
  • Chapter 4: Anyone Thirsty? (TBA)
  • Chapter 5: Guess Who's Back? (TBA)
  • Chapter 6: Not Close Enough for Comfort (TBA)
  • Chapter 7: Temple's In Sight (TBA)
  • Chapter 8: Honey, I Reincarnated the Rogue!...Sort Of? (TBA)
  • Chapter 9: Pet or Person? (TBA)
  • Chapter 10: All You Need is Family (TBA)


Chase the cartographer or leave him be?

Take the ocean route or the land route?

Trust Soren or not?

Enter the temple alone or with your friends?

Reincarnate Reuben or Magnus?



  • Jesse
  • Nikki
  • Petra
  • Radar
  • Lukas
  • Jenny
  • Olivia
  • Axel
  • Nurm
  • Jack
  • Soren
  • Gabriel
  • Ivor
  • Ellegaard
  • Janice


  • Cartographer Ron
  • Magnus
  • Reuben
  • Temple Guardians


  • TBA

Thoughts on the Story

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  • The story's plot line was changed with the coming of S2.