(Petra and Jay are sitting outside.)

Petra: So... Our friend Nell is coming tonight and.. Just try to be nice to her, okay?

Jay: Sure. I'll do anything for the girl I like.

Petra: (confessional) Jay and I recently decided that we're "in like", but we're keeping it on the DL. Who else needs to know?

Jay: (confessional) I'm "in like"! I want the world to know!

Petra: (confessional) I know it, he knows it. And we like it that way.

Jay: (confessional) I hate it this way!

Petra: Yeah, she might be... Kinda weird. Just be nice, okay?

Jay: Sure! I like doing stuff for people I like.

Petra: (She laughs and snorts.) Okay, one hug, but just because you're being really cute right now. (She and Jay hug for a while, but quickly break away and go inside.) Hey, hey, hey!

Jesse: Hey, Petra!

Nell: Yo, Petra! Great to see you again!

Petra: Hey, Nell. You too.

Nell: (She sees Jay.) Yo, who's your friend?

Jesse: This is Jay. He's pretty new to the group.

Jay: Yep!

Nell: Sweet.

Lukas: I'm getting some Coke. Anyone want anything?

Nell: Got any Dr. Pepper?

Lukas: Yeah. (He leaves the room.)

(Time skip to a few hours later. Jay and Nell are sitting together talking and laughing. Meanwhile, Petra is looking on, worried. She drags Jesse into the kitchen.)

Petra: Jesse, would it be okay if I threw Nell to the Far Lands?

Jesse: Why would you do that?

Petra: I don't like how much time Jay's spending with her!

Jay: (confessional) Petra told me to be nice to Nell, so I've been spending time with her all night. Who's earning major brownie points with his woman? (He points to himself.) This guy!

Jesse: Petra, just talk to her! You need to say he's your boyfriend.

Petra: Jay and I don't play fast and loose with language like that.

Jesse: Listen to yourself! No wonder she thinks Jay's available!

Petra: Okay, well, can you just talk to her and tell her to back off? Tell her to stay away from my... Friend boy?

Jesse: "Friend boy"? Petra, Nell isn't the problem here! You are!

Petra: Fine. I'll go talk to her. (She leaves.)

(A few minutes later, Petra returns disguised as Jesse.)

Petra: (bad imitation of Jesse) Hey, Nell, so, can you, like, back off Jay?

Nell: Sure, brah.

Jesse: (She opens the door, indicating she has left.) What's going on?

Petra: (She turns to face Jesse.) Oh, crap... (She runs up the stairs to go change, and she later returns.) So, Nell, um, Jay is my... Uh... Boyfriend. (She leans up against the door.) Whoo.

Jay: (His face lights up like a Christmas tree.) You hear that, everybody? Petra's my girlfriend! (He runs out the door.) (offscreen yelling) PETRA'S MY GIRLFRIEND! WOO HOO!

Petra: Uh... Wow.

Jesse: Boys can be strange sometimes.