(Petra, Jay, Axel, and Lukas are playing Mariokart, Olivia is drawing blueprints, and Jesse is sitting on the couch staring at something around her neck. Ivor looks at her.)

Ivor: Jesse, are you all right?

Jesse: Yeah. Never better...

Ivor: Jesse, I can tell something's wrong. What is it?

Jesse: I was just thinking about my parents. Who were they? Why did they leave me? Do I have any siblings?

Ivor: Oh, Jesse. I'm sure the answers will come in time. (He puts an arm around Jesse.)

Jesse: Thanks, Ivor. Y'know, even if you aren't my father, you're pretty freaking close. (She kisses him on the cheek.)

Ivor: Thank you, Jesse. (They smile at each other for a bit.)

Jesse: I'm gonna pack it in. Night, guys.

Ivor: Night Jesse.

Petra: WHOO! Where are your wizard powers now, Fantasy Boy?

Jay: I prefer the term "fantasy expert"!

Petra: Oh, relax. Just messing with you.

(Time skip to late at night. Someone is seen sneaking around Jesse's room while she's asleep, and they knock something over, causing Jesse to stir before falling back asleep. Finally, the person goes over to Jesse and - she wakes up and punches the person in the face.)

Aiden: Ow!

Jesse: Aiden, what the hell are you doing in my room at two in the morning?!

Aiden: Um... I went that way! (He runs toward the window, but Jesse stops him.) Fine... (He opens a hand that was behind his back to reveal... Jesse's necklace?)

Jesse: (She looks surprised and angry.) Aiden, this is really important to me! (The look on her face turns to sadness.) Why would you steal this from me...?

Aiden: I kind of... Sort of... Mayyybe wanted to see if it matched mine. (He reveals a half of a yellow circle, which is on a string around his neck.) I've had this thing forever, and it kind of felt like the person with the other half was important... Somehow.

Jesse: Well, we're both here.

(She takes Aiden's piece and connects it with her own - and it fits! Suddenly, the pieces start glowing and are apparently fused together, no matter how much Jesse and Aiden try to pull them apart. Finally, the glowing stops, the pieces come apart, and Jesse and Aiden are thrown backwards, Aiden hitting a window and Jesse hitting a wall. Their eyes glow yellow for a split second before returning to their normal colors. The twins suddenly remember everything.)

Jesse: You're my brother?

Aiden: And you're my sister.

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