(The New Order are fighting a massive army of Endermen that are attacking Beacontown. Jesse gets close to one to punch it - and it bites her! Jesse yells in pain before passing out, causing Petra to come to her aid and attack the Enderman. They clear away, and Lukas runs over to Jesse.)

Lukas: Jesse? Jesse, are you okay?

Jesse: (She wakes up.) Yeah... I think I'm okay. (She and her friends go back to the temple, and she notices a black fuzzy patch on her hand! Not saying anything, she goes to her room to sleep. The next day, she enters Ivor's laboratory.) Ivor? You in here?

Ivor: What can I do for you, Jesse?

Jesse: Well, there's this... Patch on my hand. What is it, exactly? (She shows Ivor the back of her hand, where the fuzzy patch is.)

Ivor: Hmmm... I'm sorry, Jesse, but I can't help you. Perhaps Harper has some answers.

Jesse: Okay, thanks, Ivor. (She runs over to the fireplace, presses a button, and falls in a hole. Falling on a floor of green wool, she looks around for Harper.)

Harper: Over here. (Jesse looks over in her direction and walks toward her.) What's going on?

Jesse: This. (She shows Harper the patch, which has now expanded to cover her entire hand and wrist.)

Harper: Sorry, Jesse, but I got nothing. Did you ask Ivor?

Jesse: He told me to ask you.

Harper: Well, this is interesting. I'll do some research and let you know, okay?

Jesse: Okay. (She climbs a ladder back to the temple and presses the button again, causing it to return to normal.)

Lukas: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse: Hi, Lukas.

Lukas: What's wrong?

Jesse: Nothing! Why would you think anything is wrong?

Lukas: (confessional) I'm her boyfriend. She can't hide anything. (normal) I know something's wrong, what is it?

Jesse: (She starts glaring into his soul.) I said nothing's wrong!

Lukas: Something is definitely wrong with you.

Jesse: (She is still glaring, and her eyes turn purple for a bit.) None of your freaking business!

(She turns pale and covers her mouth with her hand before running up to her bedroom and slamming the door behind her, leaving a confused Lukas behind. Later that night, Lukas wakes up and hears footsteps. Looking to see if it's a thief, he sees Jesse, moving almost robotically. Lukas follows her out of the temple and into a forest, where he pounces on her. She simply gets up and continues walking, ignoring Lukas' yelling of her name. Jesse finally stops dead before floating, enveloped by a dark aura. That's when Lukas runs back to the temple to warn everyone, and there's a close-up of Jesse's closed eyes. She opens them - and they're purple.)

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