Donna is a minor character in Minecraft Story Mode.

She is a loyal priestess to Steve, responsible for giving welcome to visitors of the dimension. It can be of great help in various parts of the story, being a difficult choice between saving her or saving Ivor.


Donna is an average woman like other women her age, her hair is black and short half messy. One brown eye and one purple. She wears a white dress that sits below her brown cloak, has a red skirt under her dress. His shoes are black with brown embroidery.


He has a nice and calm personality, likes to meet new people and loves red-haired men.

She has a good sense of humor and has no fear of death at any time.

Death (Determinant)

Killed by

  • Enderdragon (Determinant)
  • Jesse (Indirectly) (Determinant)
  • Herobrine (Indirectly) (Determinant)


'Come on, Jesse. Save Ivor!'

- Donna for Jesse in Escape throught the portals


  • In case she is saved by Jesse, later she will develop a relationship with Soren.