"Ahh... Finally... After all this time at last... I'M FREE!"
—Darko, after being freed from the amulet. 

Darko is the secondary antagonist in The Amulet. He was formerly an adventurer alongside his friend Ghorton until the two discovered a magical book and Darko used it to turn himself into a demon, plotting to take over the world until he was sealed away into an amulet by Ghorton. He remained imprisoned in the amulet until he was freed from it by Craver twenty years later.


Under his human form, Darko appeared as a caucasian male with blond hair and brown eyes. He wears a red, black and grey armor with iron protections on his shoulders and iron gloves on both hands. He also wears brown pants with iron protections on his knees and brown boots.

After getting his demonic appearance, Darko has acquired a very pale skin, red glowing eyes and he is wearing a bandana to cover half of his face.


According to Ghorton, before discovering the magical book, Darko was a brave adventurer who always wanted to do the right thing and help people around him.

However, Darko took a turn for the worse after he and Ghorton found a magical book capable of giving magical powers to anyone holding it. Darko became evil, ruthless, power-hungry and ambitious. He used the book to turn himself into a demon and set out to take over the world by force, wiping out villages and killing anyone he came across. Ghorton has to fight him and seal him away in an amulet to put an end his madness. Darko remained imprisoned in the amulet for twenty years until he was freed by Craver.

Upon his freedom and seeing Ghorton again, Darko showed no regrets in his actions and told his former friend that all the adventures have been only to find treasures to make the both of them stronger, to which Ghorton denied by saying that the adventures were only because they liked adventuring and discovering new artifacts and that Darko was a righteous person before and the book changed him. This resulted in Darko ordering his men to kill Ghorton and Kyle's group, showing that he's ready to do anything and kill anyone who stands in his way to take over the world.


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