(The New Order is walking through a desert at night.)

Jesse: The temple shouldn't be too far now!

Petra: Awesome. Hey, Lukas. Betcha two gold there's going to be bones in at least one of the chests in there.

Lukas: Ok. Deal's on.

Petra: (under her breath) Yes!

Axel: Hey, there it is! (He points off to the right, where a desert temple stands.)

Petra: Sweet!

(The New Order head towards the temple and enter. Axel stands on top of the blue clay block and punches through. He falls through the hole, and Jesse grabs his hand. Lukas helps her, along with Petra and Olivia, and Axel is pulled to safety.)

Olivia: We should probably be careful. I can see a pressure plate, and we probably don't want to know what that's connected to.

Jesse: Yeah. (She gets a water bucket and pours it down the hole.) Here's our way down there, but everyone be careful not to land on that pressure plate.

(The New Order go down the waterfall, and Olivia picks up the pressure plate. Jesse opens a chest and pulls out a purple stone.)

Jesse: What's this?

Lukas: (is holding a gray stone) Looks pretty weird.

Olivia: (is holding a red stone) Yep.

Petra: Hey, Lukas! Check out this chest!

Lukas: Okay, what's the- (sees bones) Oh, great...

Petra: Pay up, Lukas.

Lukas: Ugh, here. (hands her two gold ingots)

Jesse: Maybe Ivor will know more about these stones.

Petra: Yeah. Ivor's the go-to for this kind of thing.

(The New Order swim up the waterfall and go back home, hurrying to the temple.)

Jesse: (calling) Ivor? Are you here?

Ivor: I'm in the potion lab!

Jesse: Okay! (The New Order go to the potion lab and see Ivor at one of the brewing stands.) Hi, Ivor.

Ivor: Hello, Jesse. How are you?

Jesse: Great! We found that temple you mentioned.

Ivor: You did?! What did you find?

Jesse: These stones. (The New Order hold up their stones.) Got any insight on these?

Ivor: I do know a story pertaining to the stones. Long ago, five ancient heroes, days from retiring, decided to create a new generation of heroes. They hid their Power Stones in a temple, far away in a desert. And you found them!

(Jesse's stone emits a purple beam that connects with the pink dot on her chest.)

Jesse: What's happening?!

(The same happens with the rest of the New Order, excluding Ivor.)

Ivor: You five are now Guardians of the stones. You have been chosen.

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