"It's been twenty years since our master has been imprisoned in that amulet -- soon, we'll get it back. And with the book, we'll be able to free Darko again. Then... the whole world will bow before us."

Craver is the main antagonist in The Amulet. He is a potionologist and the (temporary) leader of Darko's militia.


Craver is 64 and has a very pale skin. He is bald on top of his head but still has some black hair left on the sides of the head. He has a black beard and dark brown eyes.

He wears a black and red coat and black boots.


Craver appears to be a calm and polite man, yet he is shown to be cruel, manipulative and cunning. He acted as the second in command of Darko's militia and became the leader when Darko was sealed away in the amulet by Ghorton.

Craver usually remains calm, patient and polite but he can quickly lose his patience and become angry when his men fail to do their work as seen when Craver suddenly lost his temper against Hopper and threatened to kill him when the latter told that he failed to get the amulet from Kyle because of Grace. It is also implied that he has no qualm in killing his own men for failing in their task, causing them to fear Craver.


To Be Added...


  • Craver's appearance is inspired from Ivor, although the personality and intentions are different.
  • Like Ivor, Craver is also a potionologist.

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