Craftopia is the secret city in Village Country. It is the hometown of Petra's family.

Major Inhabitants

  • Peter
  • Diane
  • Aunt Tenana
  • Thomas

Minor Inhabitants

  • Craftopians

Notable Visitors

  • Jesse's Gang
  • Main Three 2.0


After enduring the mob attack, the city went into hiding, cloaking itself from Village Country's sight. No one except the inhabitants remembered its existence. That is, until Petra received news of its discovery from her grandparents, who lived in the Builder's Kingdom. In the events of "Calling all Crafters 2: Shakalaka Craftopia," the Order 2.0 visits the place and protect it from Janice's attempts to wipe it out again.


  • This story's setting is based off of the movie "Rio 2," from Blue Sky Studios. The actual story itself is based off the movie as well.