Calling all Crafters is the 5th episode of the MC:SM Rewritten Side Stories series, but the first episode of the 4th season.


Jesse and Petra (accompanied by Nikki), are returning from their honeymoon, when they find out that in order for Jesse to officially be a part of Petra's family, he has to receive her grandparent's blessing, since her real parents aren't around. It seems simple, but it turns out to be way more complicated for him, because Petra's family tradition is to marry family friends. Upon meeting Jesse when she left her grandparents to fend for herself and survive the Builder's Kingdom attack, they had no idea she had known him, much less married him. Reluctantly, Jesse goes with Petra to get the blessing, which doesn't come around first-hand. Troy, Petra's grandfather, does anything BUT roll out the welcome wagon for Jesse, but the only reason why is because he is under the threat of Janice, the mob queen, who intended for her undead zombie son, Chad, to marry Petra so she could have a base to rule for her minionic mobs. Concerned over Janice's threat to take Builder's Kingdom by force as she did long ago, Troy sends Jesse and Nikki into a trap, where are rescued by an old friend: Zephyr! Now, Jesse must find a way to change for Petra, before Chad gets to her first! But should he really...?


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Thoughts on the Story

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  • This story is based off of Dreamwork's "Shrek 2."
  • Petra's grandfather, Troy, just happened to share the same name of Johnperea020's OC, Troy from Minecraft Story Mode: The Series.