The Builder's Kingdom is the homeland of Petra's grandparents. It is one of the 5 main communities of MC:SM Rewritten.

Major Inhabitants

  • Troy
  • Aria
  • Jack
  • Nurm
  • Lluna (determinantly formerly)
  • Stella
  • Radar (formerly)

Minor Inhabitants

  • Kingsmen

Notable Visitors


Jenny and Petra taking a stroll in Champion City


Established over Soren's mountain fortress, the vast builders of Minecraftia banded together to create a community of their own. Closely linked with Oak Valley, Boom Town, Redstonia, and Village Country, upon being one of the 5 major communities, they are the ideal choice for creative builders and high block-stackers. Jesse, Petra, and Nikki come here to sort out Petra's "spousely choices," and for Jesse to receive her grandparent's blessing, upon her real parents being missing. The Builder's Kingdom also harbors the famous territory of "Champion City."


  • This story's setting is based off of "Shrek 2," made by Dreamworks Studio. The actual story itself is based off the movie as well.
  • Champion City from S2 is identified as a part of the Builder's Kingdom in "MC:SM Rewritten."
    • However, this means that the border between Oak Valley and the Builder's Kingdom used to be dangerously close.
    • When Champion City was (determinantly) destroyed, the city was rebuilt, but farther away from the Oak Valley border.