(Jesse wakes up late at night, checking her clock to see three a.m.. She groans before getting into her armor, grabbing her sword, and leaving for a late-night walk. She enters the woods and walks for a bit before being pinned against a tree.)

Jesse: Who's there? What's going on?

Voice: Easy, Jesse. That's a good girl. (Someone presses a cloth to Jesse's mouth, causing her to pass out.)

(Meanwhile, at the Order's temple in the morning...)

Lukas: Anyone seen Jesse? She's not usually asleep at this hour.

Petra: Maybe she's just sleeping in?

Olivia: She could be out doing something.

Lukas: What would she be doing at eight o'clock in the morning?

Petra: Well, she is the leader of a group that's kind of a big deal.

Jay: Yeah.

Lukas: (confessional) I know everyone's wrong. I know Jesse's in trouble. She wouldn't sleep this late, and what could she possibly be doing? Someone or something kidnapped Jesse, and I intend to find out who. (normal) Okay. (He continues eating his apple.)

Petra: Pineapple pen!

Lukas: STOP! JUST STOP! AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH! (He walks up to his room to eat in peace.)

(Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location in the jungle...)

Jesse: (She slowly wakes up before seeing a figure in front of her. She glares at it.) Where am I? What's going on? (The figure steps forward, revealing itself to be Aiden.) (growling) And what are you doing here?

Aiden: Hello, Jesse. Nice to see you.

Jesse: Drop the pleasantries, Aiden. We both know your intentions for me are anything but good.

Aiden: Right on the money. (He turns to Maya and Gill.) Maya, you're on sentry duty.

Maya: On it. (She rushes to the door.)

Aiden: Gill, mind leading her to her cell?l

Gill: Sure. (whispering) Blaze Rods!

Aiden: Shut up, Gill!

(Gill frowns before pinning Jesse's arms behind her back and leading her to a small room with a window and a bed as the only decoration. He throws her in, shuts the iron door, and stands outside. Jesse looks around the room.)

Jesse: Not a lot to work with... (She looks toward the door and starts to get an idea.) Hey, Gill? (Gill lowers the wall, leaving Jesse with an escape route - which she takes! She sprints to the door, running away from the fortress - and crashes right into Lukas!) Lukas! What are you doing out here?

Lukas: Looking for you! Looks like the mission was accomplished. (confessional) I CALLED IT!

Jesse: Yeah.

Lukas: And I'm gonna get some revenge.

(Lukas flies toward the fortress, seeing the three Blaze Rods talking. Lukas descends and starts beating the crap out of Aiden. Maya jumps in to help, but unfortunately, so does Axel. Axel grabs Maya by the collar and starts shaking her violently, leaving her dizzy and leaving Gill the only one unscathed, as he and Lukas fly away. Joined by Jesse and the others, the episode ends with everyone flying home.)

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