(Gill is walking around when he hears a chirping sound. He places a tower to get into the ceiling.)

Gill: And what's in here is a- OH MY GOSH! (He falls off the tower.)

Maya: (She comes rushing in.) What?!

Gill: There's a bat in here! (The bat starts flying around, making Maya scream and wave her arms.) (confessional) If this is a vampire bat, I have experience with this kind of thing. I had a werewolf experience once. But when I shot it, it turned back into my neighbor's dog.

Aiden: Okay, what's going on in here?

Maya: There is a bat in the house! (She looks over at Gill, who is rummaging through a chest.) What are you doing?

Gill: Nothing.

Maya: You better not hurt that bat!

Gill: Animals can't feel pain.

Maya: I'm serious, Gill, don't hurt that bat! It's a living thing with feelings and a family! (Gill lets the bat loose from a small glass enclosure, and she immediately panicks.) KILL IT!! KILL IT!

Gill: (He manages to paralyze the bat.) I... Am a hero. BLAZE RODS! (The bat starts moving.) Oh, crap. (He backs away.)

(Time skip to a few minutes later. Aiden is standing on a wooden plank block. Maya enters the room, followed by the bat. Aiden lowers a paper bag over her head. Her screams can be heard before Aiden takes the bag off. The bat flies away, and Maya is glaring at Aiden. The bat eventually flies away, and Gill can be seen in the background opening a window.)

Aiden: You're welcome. (He leaves, leaving a confused and angry Maya.)

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