A Storm Was Risen was the first episode of Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. And it is also the first episode

in Legionnaire Pass.


For the full plot, click here.

After the New Order of the Stone was created twenty years ago, a new group of heroes will save the world from dangers. They are brave to face such a threat. And it was all started in a simple house....


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  • Did you keep the bunny?
    • 100% Kept the Bunny.
  • Do you warn the Villagers or fight the Tiny Zombies?
    • 66.67% Warned the Villagers.
    • 33.33% Fight the Tiny Zombies
  • Do you go to the Nether or in the End?
    • 16.67% Went to the Nether.
    • 83.33% Went to The End.


  • Chapter 1: Learning the Ropes
  • Chapter 2: Surviving the Depths
  • Chapter 3: The Village is in Danger
  • Chapter 4: Nowhere to Go
  • Chapter 5: The Portals
  • Chapter 6: Helping Hands
  • Chapter 7: Adventuring the Worlds


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