A Storm Was Risen was the first episode of Minecraft Story Mode: The Series. And it was the first episode that includes in Legionaire Pass.


For the full plot, click here.

After the New Order of the Stone was created twenty years ago, a new group of heroes will save the world from dangers. They are brave to face such a threat. And it was all started in a simple house....


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  • Did you keep the bunny?
    • 100% Kept the Bunny.
  • Do you warn the Villagers or fight the Tiny Zombies?
    • 66.67% Warned the Villagers.
    • 33.33% Fight the Tiny Zombies
  • Do you go to the Nether or in the End?
    • 16.67% Went to the Nether.
    • 83.33% Went to The End.


  • Chapter 1: Learning the Ropes
  • Chapter 2: Surviving the Depths
  • Chapter 3: The Village is in Danger
  • Chapter 4: Nowhere to Go
  • Chapter 5: The Portals
  • Chapter 6: Helping Hands
  • Chapter 7: Adventuring the Worlds


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