(Jesse continues to fall before finally hitting a stone floor. She looks around before hearing a voice. The voice leads her to a door, which Jesse opens to find - Harper?)

Jesse: Harper? But how?

Harper: The one up there's a fake! She just wants to use Ivor!

(Something tells Jesse that Harper is telling the truth, and she grabs Harper's hands.)

Jesse: Then we need to save him!

(She and Harper run towards a rail system, where a minecart awaits. Harper climbs in, and Jesse pushes to get it started before climbing in herself. The two ride on the rails until they suddenly stop. Thankfully, the rails stop on an upward incline, so the minecart flies across the gaping chasm and onto the floor of the hall. Harper slams the door open.)

Harper: STOP THE WEDDING! (She points to the fake Harper.) She's a phony!

"Harper": She's right. ("Harper" transforms into a human-bat-thing with pointy teeth. She binds Ivor in black vines before the New Order transforms.) You kids aren't going to get in my way!

Jesse: Think again!

("Harper" sends out bats that quickly morph into her friends, including herself. Jesse starts pummeling "Petra" to the ground, but is quickly thrown into Lukas. "Axel" manages to beat Olivia, and Petra is nearly killed by "Jesse". Jay manages to kill "Jesse" to avenge her, and the real New Order bounces back. Petra slices her clone, and the rest do the same. "Harper" screams in pain before disappearing, along with the vines that bound Ivor.)

Harper: Well, now that that's over, who says we have a real wedding?

Ivor: I wholeheartedly agree.

Jesse: (Time skip to the post wedding party. Jesse is holding a microphone and starts singing:)

Love is in bloom

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom

Two hearts becoming one

A bond that cannot be undone

Because love is in bloom

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom

(The episode ends with fireworks going off in the sky.)

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