(Jesse and Olivia are sitting on the couch, riveted in conversation. Both girls seem excited.)

Petra: (She enters.) What's so exciting?

Jesse: Didn't you hear yet? Ivor and Harper are getting married! (She and Olivia start squealing and jumping up and down, while Petra falls onto a chair looking moody.) What's wrong?

Petra: Great. I have to wear a stupid frilly frou-frou dress.

Jesse: (She giggles.) Come on, Petra! Every girl has to dress up at least once!

Petra: Fine. But I reserve my right to hate it.

Jesse: Okay.

Olivia: Who do you think the groomsmen are gonna be?

Jesse: I dunno. Personally, I think Jay would look adorable in a suit. Right, Petra?

Petra: (She blushes.) Yeah.

Jesse: Anyway, I'm gonna go get started on the food. Ivor told me he and Harper wanted me in charge of the cake and stuff. (She runs off and starts baking.)

Harper: (A few hours later, she enters the kitchen.) Hey, Jesse.

Jesse: Hi, Harper. (She grins.)

Harper: Whatcha baking?

Jesse: Some cookies for the post-wedding party. Want one?

Harper: Ooh, don't mind if I do. (She takes one and starts to leave. As she's leaving, she puts the cookie in a nearby trash can!)

Jesse: Huh? Hmmm... (A few minutes later, she is sitting with her friends at the froyo shop.) So, she says it's delicious, right? Guess the cookie's fate.

Petra: C'mon, Jesse, she probably just has wedding jitters.

Jesse: Oh, this is more than jitters, I can feel it...

(On the eve of the wedding... (Last time skip, I promise.))

Ivor: You know what, Jesse? Maybe it's best if you don't come at all. He leaves the room, leaving Jesse alone.)

Jesse: Maybe he's right.... Something's wrong with me... (She sits down on the steps and starts crying into her knees. Suddenly, a comforting hand is on her shoulder, and she looks up to see Harper. Suddenly, Harper's eyes turn bright red, and Jesse falls through the stairs and into the ground...)

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